Quote of the Day:

A.J. Chilson

  • Unity is the only way a church can ever thrive.
  • Poetry is an expression to release your inner perspective on life, love, and nostalgia.
  • Only write what inspires you to write. If nothing inspires you write, anyhow. Something might come up.
  • I have accomplished many things in life, but hardly any of that glorified God. But now that I've realized how wrong I was if I could help someone change their wicked ways maybe I could accomplish something for the better.
  • Handshakes, hugs, and kisses are fleeting. It is true love that will last a lifetime.
  • Judge a poem like you would judge a person, for it was the person who wrote the poem.
  • Mary, there may be bad people on Earth who do bad things. But when I hear about all that, I always think about the good things that good people do. And Judy Garland was a very nice woman who did very nice things in her life.
  • When a number fails to identify a football player try the name on the back of his uniform.
  • Touchdowns mean a lot to nonbelievers. But in life, God is six points.
  • When egos clash often between you and the school principal, it is not too wise to develop a mad crush on his attractive daughter. For this will certainly amount to adding gasoline to a raging inferno.