Quote of the Day:

A.J. Hawk

  • There are certain guys you want to hit, and some you don't. I try to take everyone's head off, to tell the truth. I'm not going to play differently regardless. I'm out there to play 100 percent every play, whoever it is. If it was my own brother, I wouldn't change my play.
  • We knew they'd come out with the atmosphere of the game and electricity in the air they'd come out ready to play. And we knew we had to match that. I think coming out and giving up that early touchdown hurt us a little bit.
  • She's rooting for her brother. She better. She's known him a lot longer than me.
  • Obviously we're not big defensive ends who are going to get 15 to 18 sacks a year. We're not going to be a running back who's going to rush for 1,500 yards. It's a spot where there's three or four of them on the field. I guess you can justify not taking guys too high.
  • I'd be happy. I think you should root for your brother. We have plenty of fans for our team.
  • He keeps you grounded and lets you know that regardless of what happens, don't ever get too upset about what someone says to you. If you have a bad game and someone's cutting you down, don't get down on yourself. If you have a great game, don't listen to them. Don't let your head get big because of it.
  • I think the linebacker position, with all the defenses they're playing, and with all the offenses you have to face - one week you're facing a spread offense and the next week a team is trying to pound the ball on you - you have to be able to do a little bit of everything.
  • I think you always have to be aware of where he (Young) is and not turn your back on him. Some teams play man-to-man, turn their back and all of a sudden he's gone; he gets out of the pocket and scrambles. You've got to know where he is and know he can make something out of nothing at any time.
  • People always try to get us in linebacker battles with the other teams. But we're trying to be the best defense in the country. We're going in as a defense and to make a statement.
  • I was trying to get to the ball. I play with 10 other guys who are really good.