Quote of the Day:

A.J. Smith

  • We don't have any comment on our business until we're complete with our business.
  • We faced them at a pre-season jamboree and practiced with them over the break so we know they will bring a tough, pressure defense. We'll have a size disadvantage, but we are quick and can jump.
  • Now, we're not aware of any of that, but we'd like to explore that.
  • I don't know where the rumors come from. But if you hear something, and someone asks you and you say it is fine that should be good enough.
  • Fran was at the Grey Cup. I don't know how many teams actually send a director or scout. My point is he's a tireless worker and he'll look wherever there are players that you think can help your football team win.
  • He's a terrific football player, very versatile. He's tough and competitive.
  • I think it is great for our people to be considered, but at the same token, you hate to lose some people because it is for your football team that they are good coaches.
  • Our proposals have not been acceptable at this point and time, but we will continue to talk.
  • My philosophy is to pay our own players. We stepped out of the box midway through last season. We didn't want him to play for $380,000. We recognized his ability, but we didn't get anywhere. That's fine. Both parties have to agree. Unfortunately, we can't seem to get it going. Hopefully we will. Now, we all know exactly what we're up against.
  • That's the way they wanted to approach it. Miami made an offer but was told it was not acceptable. We chose not to. We decided to wait and see if we have a chance in free agency to get him. Unless we had permission to first explore everything involved, we weren't going to make an offer.