Quote of the Day:

Aaron Anderson

  • We needed a solution that would get all the right information to the drivers as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
  • If Brian can stay out of foul trouble, he's tough to defend in there. He has quick moves and does a good job on the boards. He had a great game tonight.
  • He's helped me a lot with my situational moves.
  • I thought Brian played a good game, but it was same old thing: He just can't stay out of foul trouble. When he came out of the game, we stopped attacking the basket.
  • We have a lot of guys checking with us every day, wanting to hit the river.
  • At the timeout we talked about that we had fouls to burn -- 'Be very aggressive on every pass, get after your man,' and that's what happened. We were able to knock the ball loose and go down and score.
  • It wasn't so pretty, but it's a win and a guarantee of at least a share of the region championship.