Quote of the Day:

Aaron Cook

  • When I face a left-handed lineup, it narrows down what I have to accomplish in that game. It simplifies my game plan.
  • My last two games before this one were a little rough. I might have had a little dead arm. I'm not sure. I really had all four pitches working. It was nice to get that going heading into the season. Hopefully it carries over.
  • I got that one pitch up to Howard. I didn't get in enough. I know I could blow him up if I get the ball in, but I didn't.
  • I got one pitch up to him. I didn't get the fastball in enough.
  • I didn't make good pitches with two outs. They came up with some clutch hits.
  • I get stronger as the game goes on. I get more confident as the game goes on. I felt I was able to mix up my pitches and keep them off balance somewhat. After that first inning, I felt better on the mound.
  • He has instilled this, 'This is who you are, stick with it, be stubborn with it' approach. The sinker was working great. As long as I don't try to do too much with it, it is always there.
  • He's aggressive with his fastball. He doesn't pitch to the park, kind of the same mentality I take out. When you're at Coors Field, you can't just say, 'I'm going to do something different.' You can't change the type of pitcher you are, you just have to go out there, be aggressive, and make your pitches. He made some great pitches today.
  • I went after them with my sinker and mixed in some sliders and changeups. I kept them off balance.
  • (Wells) doesn't have the same thing I had, but it was still good talking to him. He seemed pretty comfortable with his situation.