Quote of the Day:

Bob Beasley

  • We do take this seriously. It's like stealing taxpayer dollars.
  • We're using every measure we can to help folks coming to the flea market arrive as safely and smoothly as possible. We do ask for people to be patient and be prepared for some delays.
  • First and foremost, it's the law in Ohio and that is our job as attorney general, to enforce the laws of Ohio, period.
  • The rent had a lot to do with buying this building and not just building one.
  • It's really not replacing anything ... it just allows us to organize the intelligence information coming into BCI in a more efficient manner. (The improvement) will be drastic.
  • If passed, some of the money would come from the state crime victims fund. As a result, much of the training would be about victims of crime.
  • Go out with your child. That's the important thing. Being a good parent.