Quote of the Day:

Matt Link

  • We're hoping to build on last year. Our goal is to get by the second round of the tournament and to be competitive with some of the big teams in the SCC and get into the SCC tournament. We want to capitalize on our experience. These guys all have a lot of time as varsity players last year. We are working on solidifying our defense. We're hoping we can get a couple of guys besides Matt to score some goals. If we do those things, we should be all right.
  • I can't fault my defense for that. Campbell just scored on shear strength, size and determination.
  • We survived the first ten minutes where they really dominated play. The first and last minutes of nay emotionally charged game like this are crucial and our guys stayed strong.
  • We really stepped it up defensively in the last 15 minutes. We were pretty psyched with this one.
  • They came in undefeated, we trailed 2-1 at the half and we had kids hurt and we still came back to win. The kids were very excited after this one.