Quote of the Day:

Youri Djorkaeff

  • Mo guaranteed me some new players, and a kind of football, more offensive. He didn't guarantee me victory, but to try, it was very important to me.
  • I feel we have done good things and have added some quality to the team. It is important to have a better team because I feel that New York deserves to have a great team.
  • I'm still thinking like it's my first season. Not that I'm 18 years old but that it's my first season, my first training and my first game. I'm still a guy who wants to play, who wants to go on the field every morning to train and to have a good time.
  • There are lots of people who want to learn here, and for a player like me, it's quite pleasant because everyone asks my opinion and watches me and listens,
  • With Red Bull it is exciting because you can see what they are doing and you feel like they are trying to help the team. For a player, that is very important.
  • Every day is not the same thing here. Turf, no turf, coach, no coach, general manager, no general manager. You can never be surprised here. You must always be ready.
  • At the end it could be zero points. But at the end we put our hearts into it and we came out of it with one good point.
  • There will be goals, it will not be 0-0. It is early in the season but this is a very important match for us and we will play like it is.
  • This kind of victory, everybody takes part in this victory. It's not one or two players, it's all the group. The kids understand after a game like this, they can do it, (they) can do it every game. To me, tonight is this important.
  • I wanted to shoot it, but at the last minute, I saw Amado and decided to give him the ball. We never worked on that before. It just felt right. I felt he was the right player to have the ball. Amado was in the right place.