Quote of the Day:

Abbi Jacobson

  • I really, really like interior design. I grew up in a really old house outside of Philly that was built in 1821. My mom is really into antiques, and my dad is very mid-century. They're not together anymore, so in the middle of growing up, I, all of the sudden, had two houses that were very different but really well done in each of their own ways.
  • I always have a good pen with me.
  • I'm so thankful for that struggling period. That time is really great where you have no idea what's going to happen.
  • Art school can be a wonderful place if you're trying to find your voice and your style and your taste.
  • Why does 'writer' have no gender, but 'actor' has a gender? What is that?
  • I would love to be at a place where a girl character can also be a role model for young boys.
  • What I love about comedy is that it's unquestionably working. There are varying degrees of that, where there's something that makes you smile and is funny versus something that makes you hysterically laugh.
  • If anything can be art, then anyone can be an artist.
  • I'm from Philadelphia, and I go to Philly a bunch throughout the holidays, which is my only time to see my family, so we get pretty festive around that time of year. It's also the only time I have vacation.
  • I definitely relate so much to a lot of women in comedy, but I don't love segregating the genders. I'm just as influenced by male comedians as I am female comedians.