Quote of the Day:

Abbie Cornish

  • I'm portable. I carry a laptop and a little recording studio on my back.
  • I'm a vegetarian and very much active in regards to how I feel about animal rights and protecting animals and giving animals a voice. But at the same time, I appreciate and respect other people's decisions to eat meat. The only thing that I hope is that people are educated, that they're aware, that they're living a conscious lifestyle.
  • I used to paint a lot of oil and now I paint more mixed-media stuff.
  • I think it's really important to live in the moment.
  • Something I've noticed as I get older is that I do think about the future more. It's all positive thinking.
  • I've been rapping since I was 18 years old, with a crew called Blades.
  • I play the keyboard, piano - I like making beats.
  • I live a normal life.
  • I think as a child you know when it's time for your parents to split. You realise they love each other, but they're not in love with each other. And I think as a child it's much better for your parents to split than for them to stay and have dysfunction within the family.
  • Whenever I am acting, it's everything, you know. If I'm researching a role, I'm completely consumed in that and, between action and cut, I live in this suspended time.