Quote of the Day:

Abbie Cornish

  • I didn't go to the cinemas a lot as a kid.
  • I don't see the point in working just to be working.
  • I love love stories, no matter how dark.
  • I play the keyboard, piano - I like making beats.
  • I'm always writing lyrics. I have so many lyrics on so many stray pieces of paper. Everywhere.
  • I'm one of five kids and we lived on a massive farm in New South Wales with my mum and dad.
  • I'm pretty unusual for an actress in Hollywood because I am totally unselfconscious about my body.
  • I've been rapping since I was 18 years old, with a crew called Blades.
  • Playing different characters in different films helps keep you excited about what you do. It always seems like a whole new adventure.
  • To be honest, I enjoy all different types of films and experiences.