Quote of the Day:

Abby Wambach

  • My nephew has type 1 diabetes, and it's my goal and hope that in his lifetime there will be a cure for diabetes. There's no place better to give the money to than the Juvenile Diabetes Association.
  • The minute you step off that podium is the minute you start preparing for the next world championship. That's kind of how I work. You celebrate for a brief moment, then you move on.
  • There are standards of the game that FIFA governs and promises to uphold.
  • I think there's so much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.
  • Sometimes when you fail, it allows you the opportunity to grow more motivation and get more intense about your training.
  • Any good attacker will always beat a defender who's face-marking you.
  • Whenever you get to win, you feel the satisfaction of all of your hard work, all the sacrifices, all the blood, sweat and tears. It feels right and makes you realise that you are really doing the right thing.
  • I would trade all the individual awards I've won for a World Cup.
  • Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I'm totally fine with that being me.
  • I think, as you grow older, you have figure out the best way to utilize not only your body but your skill.