Quote of the Day:

Abel Ferrara

  • In the film business, it's basically honor among thieves.
  • My life is proof that I don't need you to do what I do. If there's no one to see it, I'll watch it.
  • I was raised a Catholic and when you're raised a Catholic they don't teach you to think for yourself. You're taught not to think too deeply about things.
  • I'm not a big fan of talking about dying. And then I make a movie where I kill everybody.
  • I'm a lapsed Buddhist like I'm a lapsed Catholic. I take it to a point.
  • The last day of your life is still going to be a day.
  • Life is what happens when you're doing other things, right?
  • I don't care if I get $50 million to do a film.
  • I don't have a problem with Werner Herzog.
  • Making money is not gonna change anything about what I am, except I won't answer the door.