Quote of the Day:

Barbara Barrie

  • Your life is more important than your work.
  • It changed my life, being in 'Company.' I didn't think I was going to be an actress.
  • I'm from Texas, so I'm an LBJ fan. He passed more civil-rights bills than any other president. He made a mistake in Vietnam, but who didn't?
  • I was fired from my first job in New York. I was just out of school, doing the Welsh play, 'The Corn Is Green,' at Equity Library Theater. I was studying with Uta Hagen, and I was really working well, but they got nervous. They wanted results right away. We had a run-through, and I wasn't there yet, so they fired me.
  • I have had wonderful times and educated two children with my husband, and I just consider myself very lucky. I've had a very interesting career - I've been all over the world. I lucked out; I think you can say that: I really lucked out.