Quote of the Day:

Barbara Mikulski

  • Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.
  • Every vote counts and every vote must be counted.
  • Community colleges are one of America's great social inventions a gateway to the future for first time students looking for an affordable college education, and for mid-career students looking to get ahead in the workplace.
  • College is part of the American dream. It shouldn't be part of a financial nightmare for families.
  • I believe honor thy mother and father is not just a good commandment to live by, it is good public policy to govern by. That is why I feel so strongly about Medicare.
  • When one gets old and they are sick, there are not many things they can count on but they should be able to count on Social Security. Our seniors' retirement should never rely on the bull of political promises or the bear of the market.
  • When we stand up for America, we stand up for what America stands for, which is a safety net for our seniors and really helping our families be able to help themselves.
  • I'm so proud of Maryland's firefighters, risking their lives to protect others, but we need to protect our protectors with the best equipment training and resources.
  • America is not a melting pot. It is a sizzling cauldron.
  • Family responsibility, yes, and always. Family bankruptcy due to the cruel rules of government, no.