Quote of the Day:

Barbara Sukowa

  • I am what I am. I'm not going to get plastic surgery. I had this discussion with my younger son. We were at a dermatologist, and this dermatologist suggested to me that I wanted to avoid wrinkles. Those wrinkles show that I have laughed a lot in my life, why should I want to erase that? Why would I erase the traces of my life which I loved?
  • To make a movie about someone who is thinking and writing is scary. There's no big love story, no action, no drama. It's not an easy task.
  • I'm a real optimist.
  • I don't have a radio or TV going all the time. It's very important to have awareness, to know when you tense up and then to stop that.
  • I started to read labels around age 18 or 19. I don't buy things that don't sound like food, and I've been that way all my life. I do go through phases, during which I eat meat for maybe three months then don't. I do eat lots of vegetables. It's the same with dairy - I'll eat it then stop.
  • I've performed Schoenberg's 'Pierrot lunaire' many times.
  • I love work where I can find out more about the world and its history.
  • In Germany, of course, the Holocaust will always be in our history and a big stain on our lives.
  • I don't think there is such a thing as a German movie star. There are respected actors, but we are not publicized like TV people.
  • In France and other European countries, film stars are more celebrated. In Germany, if we are good at what we do, we are respected but not acclaimed. And, of course, we are not paid like Americans are.