Quote of the Day:

Barbra Streisand

  • Men are allowed to have passion and commitment for their work... a woman is allowed that feeling for a man, but not her work.
  • I think of myself as a girl from Brooklyn.
  • I just don't want to be hampered by my own limitations.
  • Performing, for me, has always been a very inner process.
  • Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.
  • I have one son. Of everything I've done in my life, nothing matches the feeling of having life growing inside you.
  • On a very basic level, many people think celebrities have too much already, so we shouldn't be entitled to our political opinions.
  • I'm interested in the truth, and unauthorized biographies are not. Yes, I would like to correct those errors someday.
  • Issues of foreign policy have a place in every election for President.
  • They're called 'angels' because they're in heaven until the reviews come out.