Quote of the Day:

Baron Vaughn

  • The only thing I've ever stolen are hours out of people's lives with meandering conversations.
  • When I have these negative thoughts and feelings, I like to dig into them because I like to get under them and see what's in there.
  • Shows like 'Empire,' 'Black-ish,' 'Scandal,' and 'How to Get Away With Murder' are expanding viewers' perspectives on what people of color can be like. They're showing more range. They're showing more diversity within diversity.
  • As long as the world keeps spinning, I'll keep riffing.
  • In New Mexico, my local church did a nativity play, and I was cast as Wise Man #3. Of course, Wise Man #3 had no damn lines. Wise Man #1 had all the lines! I stood there thinking, 'I could do that role so much better!' From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be an actor.
  • What I am trying to do is create a space for people to explore what they want to be, as opposed to fit into a label that they have been given.
  • The smaller an audience is, the more self-conscious they are. People are always looking at each other to see who is laughing. Because the thing about laughter is that it exposes who you are.
  • We are constantly consuming entertainment; we treat celebrities like role models and royalty. Sometimes destructive behavior gets ignored, or sometimes the pressure breaks them.
  • I'm a big fan of PlayStation 4. I like watching movies, TV shows, comedy specials, and listening to comedy albums and music. I'm also a big fan of getting coffee with a friend or catching up on the phone with people I've known for years, people who keep me grounded, who knew me before.
  • New York is looked at as the grad school of comedy.