Quote of the Day:

Barry Lam

  • The chef can be very innovative, but the decision is made by the customer.
  • I'm still a small shrimp, not a dragon.
  • The laptop computer is a workhorse. The tablet is just a display.
  • High tech is for a short time. But art is forever. People still admire a Picasso or a Van Gogh. But they don't admire the steam locomotive anymore.
  • Taiwan must find its own way. We have been emphasizing too much the manufacturing business. We have to become more high-tech, more innovative, and provide more value. We can't always insist on the value of low-cost production. We have to invest more in R&D to get high-value business.
  • The next revolution, the next trend is to be an intelligence-intensive company. That has more value to society than a labor-intensive company.
  • We care about margins.
  • The market is so competitive. There are so many products that are similar. So we are forced to invest in innovative research in new products that are one or two years ahead of the market.
  • I like to see people enjoy using my product. This is the mission of an engineer.
  • Once companies begin to outsource, they never go back.