Quote of the Day:

Bas Rutten

  • I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in two eyes for an eye.
  • I knew everything in the forest. I had a secret home tree, where I pretty much lived. I also liked rooftops and streetlamps. My parents would get calls saying 'He's out there again.'
  • A true champion is one who sweats from exhaustion when no one is watching.
  • I was this kid who never sat down. Nobody liked me? Well, I'd make sure they'd like me. I was the class clown, always doing crazy stuff and causing riots.
  • I thought martial arts was going to help me with my movies and TV stuff, but I realized it would not.
  • Fighting is easy to understand. You just hit the guy as hard as you can.
  • It is better to do too much than to do too little.
  • Everybody knows a guillotine choke, and most know how to get to one. But if you can create a different way to get to that choke, then you're going to surprise people. However, that will only happen one time, because once it gets used that one time, everyone will see that and start to train for it.
  • I love palm strikes because you have a longer reach. Normally, when you give a left hook and then a right straight, you are too close for the right straight. Why? Because the hook is shorter.
  • I wanted to be the Dutch Bruce Jenner - that was my goal. He was my hero.