Quote of the Day:

Camilo Villegas

  • We are talking here about the best player in the world. I played well. I had fun.
  • We are talking about the best player in the world here. I never thought about that I have Tiger up there. I can't control what they do so I was trying to focus on myself. And I'm proud of the way I handled myself this week.
  • Lots of people still don't think of golf as a sport.
  • She was having fun out there today. I told her yesterday on the 18th hole, I go, 'Michelle, we'll have a good one tomorrow. We'll have fun.' And she did. She got relaxed and it's a little bit easier to play like that.
  • She was definitely more calm today from the first tee. Just making jokes and laughing and having fun. I wish she would have done that yesterday.
  • On No. 3 or 4, I looked around and said, 'Man, there's a lot of cameras out here. I think she was awesome. She handled herself great.
  • I beat myself a little bit too much sometimes. When you beat yourself a little bit too much, there's little things that make you miserable.
  • I feel good over my putting. I don't know why I missed two, but that's fine. It's going to happen.
  • I feel good. I've had two good weeks. That's showed me something. But that doesn't make me a top player in the world all of a sudden. I've just got to keep working and keep grinding and keep trying to play good golf.
  • I enjoy big crowds. They just motivate me to get focused and work hard and stay in it and play golf.