Quote of the Day:

Carl Crawford

  • My friends like to play as me in the baseball games, and they call to tell me about every bag I steal. And you know, every time a new game comes out, I check to make sure my speed is up to par. But to me, when you talk video games, you're talking 'Madden.'
  • 'Madden' is all about speed, and the Falcons have it on both sides of the ball. I love playing sports games. I played my PlayStation so much, I pretty much wore it out.
  • Stealing bases is just something I like to do. I figure if I can hit home runs and steal bases, I'd be different than everybody else.
  • We watch so much film, calling up pitch by pitch, count by count in order to spot tendencies. Technology is a big part of how I get ready for a game. What's funny is a lot of the NFL guys say they study the 'Madden' game; that's how they learn to read offenses and defenses.
  • You get older and more mature ... you just kind of go with the flow.
  • This is totally unexpected. I thought I'd be in the NBA or the NFL. I never thought baseball. It's kind of like a surprise. I'm happy it happened.
  • I like to be like the old-school guys. They played hard, man, and they played from the heart. They didn't play to just get checks.
  • I want to develop every base of my game-stealing bases, hitting, being a better fielder.
  • I'm going to try to not put a lot of pressure on myself.
  • I hate walking around known as a team that loses all the time.