Quote of the Day:

Carles Puigdemont

  • In 2010, the Spanish constitutional court annulled a large part of the Catalan statute of autonomy negotiated between Catalonia and the previous prime minister, Jose Luis Zapatero. This demolished one of the main agreements achieved during the Spanish transition to democracy - Catalonia's recovery of self-governance.
  • To me, the European Union says there is a charter that protects you; you have fundamental rights, and they are staying silent when they are violating my fundamental rights.
  • As president, I have the right to call a referendum based on a law that the Catalan parliament has approved.
  • European values, civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of informatio,n and freedom of assembly are being violated by Spain's central government.
  • What is more important? What the members of a politicised tribunal say, or what the citizens vote for? For me, it is clear.
  • The welfare of Catalonia is only possible outside of Spain.
  • They are very brave when they talk about other countries where they have no competencies, but where are they when we citizens need them? Is Europe's solution to Catalans to turn its back?
  • The independence project in Catalonia is... a peaceful revolution, carried out in suit, shirt, and tie.
  • Catalan citizens are peaceful, European, and open-minded. We want to contribute to better international and European governance.
  • All we want is to carry out the greatest expression of a free democracy and vote on Catalonia's future. This is not about independence: it is about fundamental civil rights and the universal right of self-determination.