Quote of the Day:

Dan Donovan

  • Ensuring the safety and security of our monuments and infrastructure is critical to protecting our communities and the American people.
  • There are so many ways now that people contribute through the Internet. We vet all of our contributions, and when something doesn't meet our requirements or a donation exceeds the amount that's allowed by the law, we return it.
  • I am in favor of reforming our tax code. It's over-burdensome. It's complex. It's unfair. But the one thing that we have to do is make sure that all Americans receive a tax cut.
  • Our families are overburdened with taxes.
  • Anyone can run against me. I don't care.
  • I was Guy Molinari's chief of staff.
  • I grew up in the neighborhood where Eric Garner died. No one knows that about me.
  • My mother's Polish; my dad was Irish.
  • I was a prosecutor for 20 years.
  • Washington is too expensive.