Quote of the Day:

Dan Gronkowski

  • It's always fun to go home and play, but you gotta stay focused on the game.
  • Usually, you have one blocking, one catching tight end.
  • I definitely watch the older guys. I'm always watching; that's how I learn.
  • The guys that have that drive, that work ethic, make it farther and farther.
  • I love the warm weather being from Buffalo.
  • Growing up in Buffalo, you always hated the Dolphins, but I just remember my one friend always liked the opposite team, and he liked the Dolphins, so I remember always going at it with him.
  • My dad was always at work running a business, so our mom really took care of us. She'd bring us all to our practices, and we all basically played four sports: baseball, hockey, football, and basketball.
  • I earn everything that I get.
  • We definitely have a football mentality. My dad was a football player also, so just growing up, that's how it was.