Quote of the Day:

Dan Mintz

  • When you're writing on someone else's show, you don't have to think as hard about nailing the perfect tone because you're kind of just like, 'Here's 20 ideas I thought of, and they can just pick the closest.'
  • The thing about writing jobs is you can't really turn them down. When there's an opportunity, and it's something I want to do, I would do it.
  • I would say I locked into my persona pretty early; I wouldn't say it's how I am naturally, but it's how I am naturally when I'm on a stage in front of people. That anxiety makes me be the character that I am.
  • I'm not a natural performer: I have a natural stage fright.
  • Growing up, I didn't really watch a lot of standup. I didn't know you could be a low-energy comedian. It was something I did daydream about, but in the way you daydream about becoming the president or something - it could never happen.
  • It is a little bit demoralizing to work a show, and you just try so many times to get something, and the creator just keeps saying, 'No, not that.' Then they just instantly come up with something.
  • Being offended is, in itself, an unpleasant sensation, just like pain in your mouth is an unpleasant sensation, but if you have the right amount with the right amount of food, it actually makes the food taste good. So if you have just the right combination, people will laugh despite feeling like it's wrong.