Quote of the Day:

Dana Goodyear

  • If this is the end of the world, give me a fork and a knife.
  • Hollywood, the business, would be just fine if someone were to destroy the Hollywood sign. The city's there is the airport - its point of entry and exit, and in some ways its identity.
  • My relationship to food is that of an acrophobe to a bridge. Unease masks a desire to jump.
  • Los Angeles is a city of few hard targets. Its iconic buildings are private spaces, mostly residential, visible by invitation only or in the pages of a Taschen book. Its central industry is as mirage-like as the projection of light on a screen.
  • Like the rest of the city, LAX is coming of age.
  • I developed my taste for coffee at five, staying with my grandmother in Connecticut.
  • Like funny men, skilled diners are apparently perceived to have an evolutionary advantage.
  • Christmas cookies can't help but be retro - they are memory first, sugar-flour-egg-redhot-gumdrop-sparkle reality second.
  • Los Angeles is a good city in which to be a reporter. Always entertaining, always an incubator.
  • I will eat disgusting things, but only those with long established culinary traditions.