Quote of the Day:

Gary Sherman

  • I have this data bank garbage can in the back of my head that is an emotional collection of events that have occurred in my life.
  • I grew up in Albany Park in Chicago and then went to Lake View High School.
  • I was an outsider as a kid, and I grew up around a lot of violence.
  • I know what it is like to fear violence. I understand the adrenalin rush that comes before violent confrontations. I write my scripts from an emotional point of view and direct so the audience can experience this adrenalin rush.
  • One of the great things going on in Chicago is the educational facilities here. And the largest film school in the world is right here in Chicago: Columbia College.
  • Having been subjected to the pigeonholing of Hollywood myself, I realized that once you become a studio-approved director, your chances of ever making your own film again are zero. You make the films that the studio wants you to make.
  • The whole idea of 'Death Line' was to kind of highlight class distinctions in England more than to make a scary movie, and I just kind of wrapped my political treatise of the class distinctions in England in this movie.
  • The gruesomeness of 'Death Line' was an absolute necessity for me to bring up the political content of the film. I wanted to show how devastating class distinction could be.
  • 'Vice Squad' needed to be real if it was going to have the impact that I wanted it to have.
  • I think that we, as a civilization, need to sit down and figure out how to solve political problems over a table, not over a battlefield.