Quote of the Day:

Haris Pasovic

  • Europe is a much more complex historical, cultural, and geographical concept than is envisaged in the reduced approach by the European Union.
  • Art is freedom. If we don't have that element, we don't feel human anymore. Art is not decoration or a function. Before all that, art is art. This connection to meaning - our inner, intuitive knowledge - is something.
  • In war, everything changes. You are very selective of what you do because everything you do can be the last thing you do in your life.
  • My company, East West, was founded on the premise that people need to group together and not be xenophobic, parochial, or provincial.
  • There's no real theatre without taking risks.
  • The meaning of art in a time of suffering, a time of war, is much more intense. People are more focused.
  • Culture is a part of basic human nature, of deep humanity.
  • Life is not just food, it's something spiritual.
  • People have to have food for their souls.
  • The industry of political conflict is the biggest industry in Bosnia, and it is still not exhausted. What is needed is to replace these two industries - the industry of political conflict, the industry of human rights - with normal, creative walks of life.