Quote of the Day:

Ira Sachs

  • Fighting bitterness can be a full-time job.
  • My father moved out to Park City in in the mid-'70s and lived in a Winnebago behind a hippie joint called Utah Coal & Lumber that was one of only two or three restaurants at that time. Park City was a sleepy little mining town, with not a condo in sight.
  • There's a lot of things lost in the Digital Age.
  • You can be aware of the passing of time without being nostalgic.
  • One of the biggest things that happens to many people when they have kids is that you suddenly realize that you're not going to last forever. You know there is another generation who are the heroes of their own stories, and that is humbling.
  • New York grabbed me too hard, as did adulthood.
  • Most simply but profoundly, I chose to live an honest life, which I think as a gay person is not a given.
  • All of my films have been autobiographical - it's all I've got to go on.
  • What's interesting to me is the distinction between my old life and my present life.
  • Capturing intimacy is pretty much the only thing I'm interested in. That's what excites me and what I find beautiful in movies personally - that almost obscene sense that we shouldn't be this close to these people. I find that very inviting and meaningful as an audience member.