Quote of the Day:

J. J. Abrams

  • When I was a kid, it was a huge insult to be a geek. Now it's a point of pride in a weird way.
  • I'm not trying to be coy or manipulative or Machiavellian, I want to spark people's imaginations.
  • I am lucky, I'm the first to admit that.
  • I think that even if you're wondering if two characters are ever going to kiss, drawing out the inevitability is part of the fun. Whatever the genre happens to be.
  • People never know what they want, though everyone says they do. If they did, nobody would ever be surprised.
  • All I know is that I've made some big screw-ups, and I've done some things that have done all right. I just keep trying to learn from the mistakes I've made.
  • When you work on something that combines both the spectacular and the relatable, the hyperreal and the real, it suddenly can become supernatural. The hypothetical and the theoretical can become literal.
  • I hate to look at the stuff I've written and consider what it means or why I do it.
  • I love the idea of anthropomorphizing machines. I love the idea of taking technology and giving it a personality.
  • I don't try and write strong female characters or strong male characters, I just try and write, hopefully, strong characters and sometimes they happen to be female.