Quote of the Day:

J. J. Abrams

  • What's a bigger mystery box than a movie theater? You go to the theater, you're just so excited to see anything - the moment the lights go down is often the best part.
  • 'Star Trek' was always a little bit closed emotionally. I never connected to the characters.
  • You know, we've got to this place, where you go to a movie for one particular surgical fix. So, it's like, I want the pulse-pounding action, or the insane falling-off-my-seat comedy, or the devastating, heart-breaking drama.
  • As a directorwriterproducer, all you ever want is to work with actors who make you look better, who make the work you do seem as good as it can be and even better than it is.
  • Cameron Crowe is someone who I've admired for so long, and I've been friends with him for many years, and I've wanted to work with him so badly that I just never stopped bothering him about writing a script that would be for a pilot.
  • We went on the opening weekend [of Star Wars], a group of us went out and just popped into a couple theaters just to see people in the theater watching the movie, and it was incredibly gratifying just to see the thing out there being watched by people. And the reaction was more than we could've expected.
  • Well, you know, going into any project, especially with a fan base as vocal and passionate as something as "Star Wars," you will have groups of people who will find issues with whatever it is you're doing. But our job was to tell the best story we could about characters that we loved, and we knew that we needed to go backwards to go forwards, and we needed to go back to a feeling and a place and a time.
  • I think that the success of the film is as much about it being something that families could share as anything else.
  • When I was a kid going into the movies, you weren't force-fed information everywhere you looked about what the movie was going to be.
  • The ability of a television series to make adjustments is something you've got to take advantage of.