Quote of the Day:

Larry Wilmore

  • I have a free voice. I have a free mind. I have freedom of expression.
  • You have to stay alert. You've got to keep raising your game.
  • Salt Lake City gave me a lot of surprises. How progressive the city actually is, for instance, compared to the rest of Utah - it's like this purple dot in a sea of red. And the government there is kind of a mix of conservative values and progressive ideas.
  • I have this rule. It's called 'Top Dog-Underdog:' Underdog gets to make fun of Top Dog, but Top Dog can't make fun of Underdog. But you know what? You get Top Dog, you get to be Top Dog. Congratulations! And that dynamic happens not just in race but in many different ways. It's like the male-female dynamic.
  • My father was in law enforcement growing up. He was a probation officer. And I've always understood the point of view of the peace officer, you know, because of my dad.
  • Any voting group has an interest that they want from politicians. That's why politicians have to talk to different people. But to reduce the black interest to free stuff is so insulting. It just makes me apoplectic.
  • The first show I worked on was 'In Living Color.' I think 'The Daily Show' was the culmination of having that point of view - being able to look at this third rail in our society.
  • Sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes I'm not, but I don't mind going down trying.
  • The last thing I would ever do is try to become a network programmer.
  • When you're taking chances, you know it's not going to please everybody.