Quote of the Day:

Maelle Gavet

  • Within Internet users, you have a big chunk of people who can convert to online shopping.
  • If you have drive and energy, everything is possible.
  • Everyone in the United States asks me about being a woman CEO. To be honest, it has had no impact on my career. While I was at BCG, it didn't matter whether you were a man or a woman. The only thing that mattered was that you were good at your job.
  • I tell my colleagues that it is actually all right to make mistakes, and I am worried when they do not make them, because it means that they either hide them from me or are not trying hard enough.
  • The problem is Silicon Valley, which is an amazing ecosystem, also ends up being an amazing bubble, with white guys talking to white guys about white-guy problems. So it's great, but you kind of miss a lot of things around you.
  • Russia is an amazing country to be an entrepreneur.
  • The goal wasn't to create a billion-dollar company. The goal was to create something useful where I could learn things.
  • I can be more cold than people would like me to be.
  • E-commerce is applicable to Russia, just as it's applicable to any other market.
  • At Ozon, salaries are evaluated every year based on market benchmarks which are gender neutral.