Quote of the Day:

Ori Gersht

  • Violence can be very grotesque and also intensely attractive. What interests me is how the two - beauty and violence - live side by side, and how moments can be created and erased almost simultaneously. Destruction is painful, but at times it can be very cathartic.
  • My work is not so much a direct commentary as it is an open-ended observation of the absurdities around us.
  • Consider the bloody history of Europe: there was a great aspiration for high culture, yet this very same culture was shaped by brutality and barbarism.
  • I'm constantly working on these edges of photography, either to employ so much information or reduce information to the point of collapse.
  • I have lived all my life as part of an ethnic conflict.
  • 'Pomegranate,' started with my imagining a bullet going through the fruit and causing it to bleed. My initial associations were with pomegranates in old masters painting and their Judeo-Christian symbolism.
  • I had a dream of music and art and the big city in which I would get lost, where no one would know me and I wouldn't know anyone, where I would work at some ordinary job, and if one day I got up in the morning and decided I wasn't going to go to work anymore, no one would ask questions.
  • I look at life as a one-time opportunity, and you have to take pleasure in each moment, even if it is very problematic.
  • I worked a little as a messenger on a bicycle and then decided to study photography and film.
  • For a short time I was an assistant to a professional photographer, and I felt that my soul was not there. That is the stage when I decided to stay in London and do a graduate degree.