Quote of the Day:

Samantha Cameron

  • I am by trade a designer, and I did Fine Art for my degree.
  • My husband is a brilliant cook - enthusiastic and good - but he has not mastered the clearing up as you go along.
  • I can't do any competitive sport myself!
  • The truth is I am not a very hands-on political wife; I don't get involved in day-to-day Downing Street life. They don't need me interfering, but in the evening, we will talk about each other's day. I try to stay out of the Westminster village. There are times when I will be surprised and curious about what's been announced.
  • I'm not on Twitter, and I don't read the papers day to day, so I am somewhat protected. There's this weird separation between your private and public persona.
  • I'm definitely a Tory. My dad was a Conservative councillor, and I spent years as a child knocking on doors with him. I'm a Tory because I'm passionate about business and enterprise. But I am also a compassionate Conservative. There should always be a net through which no one should fall.
  • Looking after a disabled child pushes you to the limits of what you can cope with... physically, emotionally. It's because there's this baby, this child that you love more than you can possibly imagine, in some way more than a normal child because you worry about them 24 hours a day. But at the same time you are so, so proud of them.