Quote of the Day:

Tae Yoo

  • Together, we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress while growing global economies and increasing well-being.
  • Learning networking basics is only a gateway to career growth and exploration.
  • After a natural disaster, safe drinking water is a priority. Humans can live longer without food than water, so communication about clean water is essential to help avoid the risk of cholera, dysentery, malnutrition, famine, and death.
  • Military veterans have unique skills, experience, and qualifications that are invaluable to today's workforce, including teamwork and leadership skills, the proven ability to learn quickly, a strong work ethic, dedication, and the ability to work under pressure.
  • When private sector, government, social, and philanthropic leaders apply innovative partnerships and technologies to address social challenges and build sustainable communities, the impact is multiplied.
  • As the world transitions to the Internet of Everything - where people, processes, and data are intelligently connected - we'll be linked in even more ways. Here, billions and trillions of sensors around the earth and in its atmosphere will send information back to machines, computers, and people for further evaluation and decision-making.
  • Major drivers of global unemployment are lack of job creation and skills shortage or mismatch.
  • One of the most compelling arguments for encouraging the education of girls, particularly in developing countries, is this: Education enables jobs, jobs are a source of economic growth, and economic growth is a key to development and stability.
  • Technology is getting smaller, faster, cheaper, and more powerful every day.
  • We must prepare people to be nimble enough to adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace. And we must help them develop skills that will be valued no matter what tomorrow's jobs are - skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.