Quote of the Day:

Xavier Niel

  • France has the least social mobility of any developed country. The social elevator no longer works. It's broken.
  • It's funny how the smallest things I've done speak the loudest about me, but I like that.
  • I always follow the same idea: Start small and disrupt to create something big.
  • When you love competition, you don't want the market to consolidate.
  • We need to create an ecosystem which will make young people want to start their own company.
  • If you are worried about the risk to your reputation, you don't launch a telecoms firm in an aggressive way.
  • I'm not unusual; it's the others who are strange.
  • 'Entrepreneur' is a French word.
  • Telecoms is a national business. There isn't a European market. There's no Telecom Italia in France.
  • In life, you need a house and a car. After that, you have a choice.