Quote of the Day:

Yael Cohen

  • I'm pretty sure my mom is the only person on the planet who thinks that she got cancer so that I could find my calling in life, but as I started to build this company, all my years of useless education, random jobs, and weird interests merged into this serendipitous moment.
  • There have been so many incredible moments since the start of this organization. One that stands out specifically is when an anonymous businessman triple-matched our donation to Memorial Sloan Kettering after our NYC event.
  • One of the most beautiful experiences our family shared was feeling the love and bond that came to life when my mother was battling her ovarian cancer. In a way, it brought our family together and opened up relationships and a closeness that was not felt before her diagnosis.
  • I think I'm generally more inspired when I'm away from technology. Whether that is on a beach somewhere or just in your room with your phones and screens shut off, I think that quietness is often very inspiring.
  • Nobody talks about cancer until they have to, and then, it's really all you can talk about.
  • I am always personalizing tees to fit my personality, cutting off rocker shirts, debunking the mold of what traditional 'work wear' means, and always wearing my cause.
  • When I graduated, I promptly took a job in finance, making both my pre-med and poli-sci years essentially useless - or so I thought.
  • I was going to be a doctor since I was three, so I was pre-med in college. Everything I did, every class I took, pointed toward the 'holy M.D.' Friends were taking wine-tasting classes, studying human sexuality, or redefining their views of the world in poli-sci, and I was memorizing anatomy and crying over o-chem.
  • I start every morning off with a green juice, because I think it's really important to be alkalined, and then I work out. We teach people that you need to find that balance and that what you put into your body is directly affecting your health.
  • At night, I don't do business meetings, because I think it sends the wrong message. I do dinner with friends, game night, or concerts.