Quote of the Day:


  • Wisin is my brother. He always will be my brother. We are very happy as solo artists. We had a great musical trajectory together, which will be there forever. And for the future, we won't discard reuniting and making something new.
  • At first, because this genre of music was so urban, sometimes we would sing songs that were so aggressive. And my parents didn't like it. They would break my cassettes and say, 'That music is garbage.'
  • I had that hunger to work and keep growing. So I started to cut hair. When I started getting better, I got my own barbershop. I had a lot of clients in my hometown, so I wouldn't stop cutting hair. That's why I think I have such discipline in my job because I've always been very responsible.
  • My kids are very special; they can bring a lot of surprise.
  • I enjoy being in New York. I have so many fans here that sing all my songs from start to finish.
  • Reggeton has changed very much, musically. It has evolved. The artists have also evolved.
  • 'Dangerous' is an album that I was very dedicated to. I wanted every song to be a hit.
  • The 'Dangerous' album has producers like Tiny, who to me is very special. Also, Luny Tunes, Nesty La Mente Maestra, Nelly La Arma Secreta, Haze, and El Ingeniero. I wanted to use everyone who makes music in Puerto Rico and beyond to have variety.
  • Roc Nation has an army. I'm happy because this is what I needed. I have the music, but they have the muscle.
  • I really want my music to go mainstream.