Quote of the Day:

Zhou Qunfei

  • Droplets of water would roll around the surface of a lotus leaf and not leave any trace.
  • I'm not qualified to be a high-profile person.
  • I had a pursuit different from others because they all came from downtown areas with money, but I didn't have any. All I wanted is to change my destiny with my own efforts.
  • I think it's important not to get carried away when you are successful - and not to let yourself feel gloomy when times are bad.
  • Twice I had to sell my house to pay my employees' salary.
  • Inclusiveness is expanded by grievance. If I were a mistress, I would not need to fight for my career.
  • In the village where I grew up, a lot of girls didn't have a choice of whether to go to middle school. They would get engaged or married and spend their entire life in that village.
  • I chose to be in business, and I don't regret it.
  • I worked from 8 A.M. to 12 A.M., and sometimes until 2 A.M. There were no shifts, just a few dozen people, and we all polished glass. I didn't enjoy it.
  • My father had lost his eyesight, so if we placed something somewhere, it had to be in the right spot, exactly, or something could go wrong. That's the attention to detail I demand at the workplace.